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Let’s take a look at the many different types of stone kitchen countertops. There are many kitchen counter options available, natural stones, engineered stones, and much more. Let’s have a look at kitchen countertop material comparisons and options, and help you pick the best material for your project. Different materials for countertops will work for different lifestyles.

is a durable, stylish, natural stone that 
can be used in countertops, paving 
and wall coverings. The properties of 
granite make it the ideal stone surface. 
Its hardness and the inherent resistance 
to acid, make it an ideal natural stone for 
kitchen tops and high traffic areas.

exudes beauty and is a classic beauty. 
The color range features many light, 
creamy colors in beiges and white; 
however, there are deep browns, gold, 
blacks, reds and greens. When properly 
sealed marble can be used in all areas of 
your home and look absolutely stunning.

is an extremely strong and durable 
natural stone. Its crystals are tightly fused 
forming a hard, crystalline rock that 
provides a stunning look that sparkles. 
Quartzite has an extremely hard scratchresistant 
surface and is an excellent 
material for kitchens, bathroom vanities, 
fi replace surrounds, bar tops and other areas.

is an environmentally friendly material 
comprised of large shards and fi nely 
ground recycled glass. It is bound with 
cement or resin; making it extremely 
durable and easy to maintain and is an 
excellent alternative to granite.

Luxury porcelain slabs mimic the 
beauty of natural stone. Infinity
porcelain slabs are offered in a unique range 
of thicknesses from 6mm, 
1.2cm and 2cm, making it the perfect countertop 
for any design application. 
These durable porcelain slabs are resistant to wear, 
including scratches and 
abrasions; high heat, UV rays, chemicals and stains.

is made using 93% natural quartz 
which makes this material extremely 
durable and comes in a variety of colors. 
Cleaning is a breeze; just wipe with mild 
soap and water. This scratch and heat 
resistant material is the perfect choice for 
countertops in any part of your home.
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