Calacatta Midnight

Item No.: M516
Product: Artificial Quartz Stone
Size: 320cmx160cm
Thickness: 2cm/3cm
Finishes: Polished

1. Resistance to Stains, Heat, Corrosion
2. Super Hardness
3. Nonporous
4. No Sealing or Waxing
5. No Radiation, Durability
6. Low Maintenance

Create an eye-catching, contemporary kitchen with Calacatta Midnight M516 Quartz. The bold, neutral-toned black background with understated cool white veins offers a marble-like quality to your countertop or wall application. In addition, the quartz's textured finish gives it a low sheen surface – another twist to the modern, on-trend design. Durable, low maintenance, and easy to clean, these slabs are available in two sizes. And, because it is a nonporous material, quartz doesn't harbor germs.

Color, shading and quartz distribution may vary between samples and actual products. For Deluxe, Calacatta and Natural Marble range colors, samples are intended only as a representation of background & veins’ colors but not the full slab designs. Need any help, please contact us.

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